Vienna: “A win-win project”

In the EU-GUGLE Pilot City Vienna, funding from the project will enable that for the first time a municipality building will be renovated into passive house standard.

Press conference Vienna October 2013

The building on Hütteldorferstraße 252 in Viennas 14th district, can achieve a considerable reduction of the heating demand, up to around 90 percent reduction.

This was one of the news presented when the city of Vienna together with the Viennese partners hosted a press conference for local and national media on October 30th, in connection with the signature and thus the approval of the research project by the European Commission in October 2013.

This is “a win-win project, where especially the residents will benefit, ” said the City Councilor for Housing Michael Ludwig at the conference. Vienna will now begin the concrete planning and implementation of the project.


Here you can read more from the press meeting, in the following articles (pdf, in German):
Wiener Bezirksblatt_20131111
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