Tampere: “The goal is to reduce heating energy consumption”

EUR 30 million EU-GUGLE project paves the way to about 226 000 square meters of sustainable renovations in six European cities, one of which is Tampere in Finland. Together with the scientific partner of City of Tampere, VTT, Tampere is aiming at energy savings and improving the quality of urban life, with the aid of intelligent and cost-effective renovation concepts.

In Tampere, the project is piloted in Tammela district. “Tammela district building stock focus is on the 1970’s and 1980’s precast concrete buildings, with the option of a reasonably cost-effective and energyefficient renovation. By developing a multipliable concept for energy renovations, housing companies can save money in planning and implementing of renovation projects”, states Project specialist Tiina Sahakari from City of Tampere. In Tammela district the housing companies are privately owned. It means that all shareholders are decision-makers, as opposed to rental housing, where the decisions are made by one owner. Tampere Tammela map red

Measures to achieve the energy saving objectives vary from country to country. When energy is used for heating in Finland, the Mediterranean partner cities use energy for cooling. Significant proportion of energy is lost through ventilation. All the EU-GUGLE project pilot housing companies are interested in ventilation heat recovery.

“In Tammela district the goal is to reduce heating energy consumption. The means to achieve this are efficient heat output with heating control, heat recovery, as well as technical improvements on the insulation and tightness of the building envelope”, says Senior Scientist Terttu Vainio from VTT.

The City of Tampere has evidence on achieving its sustainability goals. For example, during the first three years of ECO2 project, Tampere city’s greenhouse gas emissions have begun to decrease. Between years 2010-2012 the greenhouse emissions have decreased 18 %.

“Electric power utility company Tampereen sähkölaitos Ltd. is increasing the use of renewable energy sources, which play a big role in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. The city of Tampere has put resources into low-carbon urban development in all sectors, including construction, which can be seen as a positive trend”, says the mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.

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