WEBINAR | How inter-municipal cooperation on procuring green ICT can combat climate change | 12 June

Do you work for or represent a European Municipality? Don’t miss the upcoming webinar on “How inter-municipal cooperation on procuring green ICT can combat climate change” organised by our friends from the smart cities project SHARING CITIES (http://www.sharingcities.eu) on 12 June 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00

Register ASAP here: http://bit.ly/KSFwebinar

Development in the field of ICT has an unprecedented pace. Many new technologies are invented and used to make our lives easier, and many of them are used also to combat climate change. Although, we often forget about the negative impact which these new technologies have on our environment. Where does the old computer screen go after we buy a new one? How much energy do we spend on cooling down the data centres? Or how many natural resources had to be exploited for manufacturing our new smartphone?


The city of Tampere, Finland, pilot city of the EU-GUGLE project, pays a particular attention to the negative impact of ICT on the environment. The city is a signatory of the Green Digital Charter and it has several good practices to share with the EUROCITIES members about how to decrease the ICT’s carbon and energy footprint.

During his presentation, Jarkko Okksala (CIO, Tampere) will explain that one of the key factors for protecting nature in Tampere is a long-term inter-municipal (regional) cooperation and joint procurement of green ICT. This cooperation helps to procure only those devices that fulfil at least the minimum requirements of environmental standards. It also helps to assure that all the users of the devices are given uniform instructions on how to use them in an energy efficient manner.

It is open to all city’ representatives, with a limited capacity so priority will be given to cities members of EUROCITIES.

Contact: Gabriel Jacqmin, EUROCITIES (gabriel.jacqmin@eurocities.eu)