Tampere: Second pilot housing company complete

Tammelankulma 3Second pilot housing company’s renovations are complete. As Oy Tammelankulma finished its extensive renovations in fall 2014 and had the final financial statement on November 17th, 2014. The measures implemented in Tammelankulma building have been the following:

  1. Air-conditioning system maintenance and balancing
  2. Installation of exhaust air heat pump and new ventilating machines
  3. Installation of heat recovery system and connection with the district heating system
  4. Installation of residential water meters in each apartment
  5. Installation of underfloor heating
  6. Motion sensors and LED-lighting in staircases and hallways
  7. New stows in shared saunas
  8. Renewal of car motor heater poles
  9. Renewal of cooled cellar steam condenser
  10. Renewal of courtyard lighting
  11. Renewal of domestic water taps and toilet seats
  12. Renewal of electric switchboards
  13. Renewal of electricity wiring in garages
  14. Renewal of garage doors
  15. Renewal of lighting in apartment bathrooms
  16. Renewal of radiator valves and balancing of radiator system
  17. Renewal of rainwater drain pipes insulation
  18. Renovation of saunas and renewal of thermal insulation in the steam room

Sharing of results is important, which is why City of Tampere organized a study tour in collaboration with the housing company and the contractor. The study tour was organized for the other EU-GUGLE housing company representatives on August 26st, 2014. The third pilot housing company is on the home stretch with its energy renovation projects, and the rest are not far behind. We are expecting more of these success stories!

Additional information: City of Tampere, project manager Salla Palos