Tampere pilot takes next step with design brief phase

EU-GUGLE-pilot city Tampere has taken the next step to refine and conform the project housing companies’ energy renovations planning and design. The city has chosen to work with the company A-insinöörit Suunnittelu Ltd in the design brief phase, a phase which will define the energy renovation needs and implementation options in the city.

A design brief includes specific project schedule, cost, scope and quality objectives. The private housing companies will be able to make their final decisions based on the options presented in the design brief documents. The compatibility of the design brief documents will also ensure spreading of good implementation options and EU-GUGLE-project goals.

To learn more about the Tampere design brief, please contact Salla Palos at the City of Tampere: Salla.Palos@tampere.fi

See the video about the Tampere pilot district demonstrations here.