Göteborg, Sveriges näst största stad, har idag 526 000 invånare. Staden har förändrats mycket sedan 1970-talet, från att ha varit en industristad till att också vara en kunskapsstad, med göteborgs universitet och Chalmers tekniska högskola. Göteborg har ett rikt kulturliv, men är samtidigt en av de mest segregerade städerna i Sverige.  Social hållbarhet och integration står högt upp på stadens agenda. Området Hammarkullen ligger i stadsdelen Angered, en av tio stadsdelar i Göteborg, nordöst om stadens centrum. Angered är ett blandat område, med såväl jordbrukslandskap som stora bostadsområden från det sena 1960- och tidiga 1970-talets svenska miljonprogram.

hammarkullen bredfjällsgatan 2

The district and the building stock

Angered has about 49 000 inhabitants, of whom 7,800 lives in the district Hammarkullen.

Hammarkullen as many other housing areas built under the “Million homes program” is stigmatized as a neighborhood with large-scale buildings and social problems. Today more than 80% of the population in Hammarkullen has an immigration background and about 57 % of the inhabitants are born abroad. Many have come here as refugees. The middle income in Hammarkullen is about 54% relative to the average income of Gothenburg, and 29% of the families have social benefits.

Parts of the building stock are large scale residential buildings, built in the 1969-1970.  One of the blocks is more than 300 meter long. But here are also areas with 3-storey buildings and small scale terraced houses and villas.

In Hammarkullen there are schools, pre schools, a store building, a house for elderly and a public bath house from late 1960s. A sports hall was built in 2004.

Technical specifications

The municipal housing company, Bostadsbolaget, who owns 1.342 apartments, renovated the facades of most of their buildings about five years ago. During the renovation some of the apartments got an extra room.

  • About 1000 dwellings are to be renovated.
  • Owners of the buildings are both municipal and private owners.

Main challenges

One of the largest challenges is to break the stigma of the area so that people want to stay here even when they have the opportunity to move somewhere else. Another is to find ways and finance models to renovate the building stock without large rent increases so that those who live here can afford to live here also after renovation. It is also of great importance to find and add aesthetical qualities to the buildings and the outdoor areas. Finally, there is a big challenge in finding housing companies that want to build new homes here.

In Gothenburg there is a serious housing shortage, and that have a great impact on Hammarkullen, where many families live in overcrowded conditions.  It’s not unusual to live 6-10 people in a two bedroom apartment. A big challenge is to find housing companies and economy to also build new apartments here. About 1000-1500 people have registered interest for a vacant apartment in Angered.