Open house event in Tampere’s pilot buildings drew a lot of attention

The EU-GUGLE project arranged an open house event in two retrofitted BEST buildings in Tampere 4.6.2018. The event got over 200 excited people to see what had been done during the renovations.

The limited liability housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20, known as BEST 7, got 55 % energy savings in purchased energy this far by new windows, improved heating distribution system, exhaust air heat pump with BEMs, solar heat collectors and LED lighting with presence control.  The purchased energy consumption will even decrease while housing company installed in the end of 2017 ground source heat pump (heating and cooling), PV panels (20 kWp) and – as the most innovative systems – the first two-way district heating system and waste water heat recovery in housing buildings in Finnish scale.

The other event target the limited liability housing company Torinnaapuri, known as BEST 6, got 47 % energy savings in purchased energy this far. The building has gone through deep renovation with results of 100mm additional insulations to the outer walls and the new good looking façade. They have installed new windows, LED lighting with presence control and have improved heating system. An exhaust air heat pump was installed beside the district heating system and a remote controlled building energy management system was added.

The event was organized with the Energy agency of Tampere and some of the companies were representing the different systems and solutions which they installed to the buildings. During the event barbeque parties were arranged on both housing companies’ yards.