EU-GUGLE cities contributing to smart and sustainable urban planning



In November 2015, leaders of the EU-GUGLE pilot cities presented plans to make their cities more sustainable and energy efficient during the 1st International Conference on “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” in Bolzano, Italy, organised by the EURAC Institute for Renewable Energy. One year later, these presentations, and the discussions that followed, have been published in a book gathering the proceedings of the conference.

Even before entering the EU-GUGLE project, the six pilot cities (Aachen, Bratislava, Milan, Sestao, Tampere, Vienna) had started to plan their way towards more energy efficient homes and renewable energy integration. In the book chapter entitled “EU-GUGLE: A Sustainable Renovation for Smarter Cities from a Pilot project”, the path followed by each city for the development of a smart city strategy is described step by step. To give the reader a comprehensive overview of each city’s priorities, more details on the types of buildings to be renovated are provided and the different methodologies adopted by the cities for energy efficient refurbishment and renewable energy integration are presented.

Residents’ involvement plays a key role

The discussion with participants reveals that while technical implementation of energy efficient solutions can be challenging, residents’ involvement also plays a key role in the success of refurbishment projects. Outlining the importance of gathering precise data to choose adapted solutions, project partners also recommended the use of monitoring applications to better assess the effectiveness of the measures once implemented.

Further details on the measures in each EU-GUGLE pilot city as well as a first overview of the project’s results will be presented at the 2nd edition of the SSPCR International Conference to be held between the 22 and 24 March 2017 in Bolzano.

For more information on the solutions presented and discussed at SSPCR, an abstract of the book chapter can be downloaded here and you can buy the full book gathering the conference proceedings or the EU-GUGLE chapter.