Tampere to showcase its experience in deep refurbishment projects

At the occasion of their next meeting to be held in Tampere on 25 and 26 April, partners from the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative will discover the outstanding results of the deep renovation projects carried out in the Finnish pilot city. In the eight demonstration buildings involved in the project, energy consumption has already decreased by 40% as a direct consequence of the refurbishment, thus improving significantly the comfort of the 400 households living in the newly renovated dwellings.


In addition to a deep retrofitting of walls, ceilings and windows, the refurbishment plans also included the installation of heat recovery ventilation systems, solar panels, as well as exhaust air heat pumps, in view of multiplying the use of energy coming from renewable sources.

Prior to the visit of the demonstration buildings, EU-GUGLE partners have been invited to discover the large-scale district heating and cooling infrastructure of the city, including the district cooling plant itself, as part of the STARDUST Smart City Initiative in the framework of which Tampere, as a pilot city, will pursue its efforts to become a fully integrated, connected and sustainable city.

This one-day Smart City tour will offer Tampere the chance to showcase its innovative solutions and exchange experience on its fruitful results with representatives from other interested cities and the European Commission. On 26 April, the meeting to be held the day after the study visit will be the opportunity for all EU-GUGLE partners to present their progress on the renovation projects which are being implemented in Bratislava, Sestao, Vienna and Aachen, the other pilot cities of the initiative and to plan their way towards the final year of the project.