Tampere: “Good Construction 2014” honory award to Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20

The EU-GUGLE district building Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20 received an honorary award for improving property energy efficiency on the 4th of November 2014. The housing company has implemented heat recovery and solar panel system. The systems are connected via a ground source heat pump into the district heating heat exchanger unit. The building is operated and controlled with a modern building automation system and monitored by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The energy renovations implemented in the housing company are a prime example of how energy efficiency can be enhanced and improved in old buildings without serious obstacles for residents or a substantial increase in maintenance fees. The calculated return of investment period for the renovation is about 4 years. WP_20141104_007_red

Additional information:  http://www.tampere.fi/tampereinfo/viestinta/tiedotteet/2014/UjkaZL71g.html

City of Tampere, project manager Salla Palos