First progress meeting in Milano

EU-GUGLE Project Meeting May 2014

The EU-GUGLE consortium held its first progress meeting last month in Milano. EU-GUGLE aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models by renovating groups of buildings in 6 pilot cities: Vienna (AT), Aachen (DE), Milan (IT), Sestao (ES), Tampere (FI) and Bratislava (SK).

Together, they have committed to renovating a total of 226,000m² of living space during the 5 years of the project, with the objective of achieving 40 to 80% primary energy savings per pilot district while increasing the share of renewable energy sources by 25% by 2018. Gothenburg (SE) and Gaziantep (TR) will take part in the 5-year project as associated cities and will be expected to start smart renovation activities during the project’s lifetime.

This first progress meeting focused on integration between pilot districts, which is at the heart of the project’s approach.  Besides the expected gain in energy performance in the affected districts, EU-GUGLE intends to demonstrate how cooperation (between cities, but also between stakeholders within a city) can help shape smarter renovation strategies. This is why the next step, in parallel of the actual renovation work, will be for the pilot cities to draft smart renovation strategies for implementing smart renovation solutions in the rest of their respective cities. This will be done collectively, so that each city can benefit from the input of others.

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