Milan’s Mayor and Councilor for public works visited the first EU-GUGLE retrofitted building

via Feltrinelli 16

Last 20 June, Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala and the Councilor for public works Gabriele Rabaiotti visited the EU-GUGLE building in Via Feltrinelli 16 (a social housing building block comprising 154 apartments, property of the City of Milan). The whole energy concept of the refurbishment of the building was developed within the EU-GUGLE project by the “Office for energy saving” of the Municipality with the support of the research group eERG of Politecnico di Milano, and has produced a host of benefits: energy saving of 86% (primary energy demand for heating and domestic hot water) and hence reduced pollution emissions, opportunity to split the energy bills between the tenants based on real individual consumption, better indoor air quality and comfort, a better social image of the building, now a modern building making the cold spots and mold growth problems a long time past issue.

The renovation works were partially funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. EU-GUGLE also supported the City of Milan in participating to a tender for National funding (Conto Termico) and Milan was one of the only two cities which were granted the (substantial) funding.

The major and the councilor received by the Arch. Manzoni and Bardeschi of the “Office for energy saving” of the city of Milan and Prof. Pagliano and Eng. Sangalli of the research group eERG of Politecnico di Milano detailed explanations on the retrofit work performed on the envelope: thick external insulation, new high performance windows, window sills with thermal cut, external solar protections, new mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery on the roof. Mayor Sala and Councilor Rabaiotti were accompanied on the roof to visit the photovoltaic plant and the exhaust-air heat pump which recovers energy from the extraction air flow from the apartments to contribute to the production of domestic hot water. EU-GUGLE is not only about refurbishing buildings, but also about harmonizing the urban context that surrounds them (e.g. integration with the cycling path system and with the green areas of the district). Mayor Sala expressed satisfaction with the work for its technical and social value, and shared it also on his social media accounts.

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