Älykkäämpiä kaupunkeja perusparantamalla

EU-GUGLE etsii ja testaa malleja rakennusten perusparantamiseen kohti nollaenergiatasoa kuudessa pilottikaupungissa. Tavoitteena on levittää malleja älykkäät kaupungit -verkostoon ja kaikkialle Eurooppaan vuoteen 2020 mennessä.

Minun älykäs alueeni -kampanja

Minun älykäs alueeni -kampanjalla jaetaan kuudesta pilottikaupungista kerätyt kokemukset muille kaupungeille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneet laatimaan oman perusparannusstrategiansa. Mukaan liittyneet kaupungit pidetään ajan tasalla hankkeen tuloksista, joten niillä on mahdollisuus hyödyntää tietoa jo projektin kuluessa.


News and Events

  • Remarkable award for a housing company in Tampere, Finland


      Tampere’s EU-GUGLE BEST 7 was awarded with the Heat Pump City of the Year award by European Heat Pump Association EHPA. The award was appointed to the limited housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20 and Enermix Ltd., which acts as a building’s energy monitoring service company. The housing company building is utilizing several different innovative energy […]

  • Interviews with residents in Tampere after refurbishments


    The impact is energy effiency, of course, and up to 50% energy savings, but also very positive improvement to people’s every day life. When asked about their perspectives about the refurbishment processes, and the results, residents from the newly refurbished buildings in Tampere ware realistic but in general positive. In this video (interview in Finnish, […]

  • EU-GUGLE success stories were showcased in Energia 2018 exhibition in Tampere, Finland


    Energia 2018 exhibition gathered the energy field’s experts and operators and the most current topics of energy production, transmission, distribution and storing to Tampere on 23-25 October. EU-GUGLE pilots were showcased in many ways during the three day event by project staff and also by companies that have installed their systems to BEST buildings. EU-GUGLE […]


    EU-GUGLE Innovative approaches thumb

    The EU-GUGLE project will hold its final conference on sustainable urban planning solutions in Madrid on 11 December 2018. Building on the experiences of pioneer cities involved in large scale energy efficiency projects, the conference will bring together urban planners, local policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs and energy efficiency experts to discuss effective approaches and solutions to […]

  • Vienna bets on solar to reach passive energy standards

    Solar panels on the roof.

    For the ninth consecutive year, Vienna has been selected as the best world capital for quality of life. Yet the city is not planning to rest on its laurels for the next years; on the contrary, ambitious international projects, such as the EU-GUGLE and Smarter Together initiatives are currently running to make of the Austrian […]

  • Historic renovations in Aachen – or how to reach the right balance between monument and energy conservation

    Joseph von Görres Strasse after refurbishment

    Some buildings maintain decades of history inside them, survive wars and bombings, but fail to keep their inhabitants and visitors warm in hard winter times. In Aachen, at the border of Germany and at the heart of past European conflicts, several historical buildings from the early twenties suffer from insufficient insulation and do not comply […]

  • Towards Class A schools – Teaching sustainable renovation in Milan


    On Friday 25 May, the city of Milan organised a seminar to discuss the impact of the introduction of energy classification in the building sector and in particular the upcoming steps towards the energy efficient renovation of schools in Italy.  In that framework, several school renovation projects and initiatives promoting sustainable school refurbishment towards Nearly […]

  • Large energy savings in EU-GUGLE pilot city Tampere


    In the EU-GUGLE pilot city Tampere, the EU-GUGLE project has co financed energy renovations of 8 limited hability housing companies, with total energy savings of 40%. In a newly produced video, Tampere presents some of the highlights from the renovations in the Tammela district.

  • Open house event in Tampere’s pilot buildings drew a lot of attention

    BEST 7 the limited liability housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20 got a lot of visitors

    The EU-GUGLE project arranged an open house event in two retrofitted BEST buildings in Tampere 4.6.2018. The event got over 200 excited people to see what had been done during the renovations. The limited liability housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20, known as BEST 7, got 55 % energy savings in purchased energy this far by new […]

  • WEBINAR | How inter-municipal cooperation on procuring green ICT can combat climate change | 12 June


    Do you work for or represent a European Municipality? Don’t miss the upcoming webinar on “How inter-municipal cooperation on procuring green ICT can combat climate change” organised by our friends from the smart cities project SHARING CITIES ( on 12 June 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00 Register ASAP here: Development in the field of […]

  • Together, building smarter and greener districts for Vienna


    The City of Vienna is betting on innovation and end-user engagement to achieve its transformation into a Smart City. Currently, the city is involved in two European Smart City initiatives, namely EU-GUGLE and Smarter Together, and is implementing in that framework significant investment projects in view of refurbishing the city’s building stock to increase their […]

  • Building owners at the heart of energy-efficient refurbishment projects in Tampere

    Tampere_Demo building

    In Tampere, the inhabitants of the Tammela district are very proud of their newly renovated and highly energy performant buildings. On 25 April 2018, the city of Tampere invited partners from the STARDUST and EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiatives to take part in a study tour to visit five of the eight buildings that have been […]

  • New energy efficiency rules adopted to promote smart and sustainable buildings in Europe


    Today, buildings represent around 36% of all CO2 emissions in Europe. To help decarbonising this sector, the Council of the European Union adopted new energy efficiency rules for buildings on 14 May, in view of meeting nearly zero energy standards by 2050 and reduce European greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% compared to 1990. Promoting cost-efficient […]

  • Tampere to showcase its experience in deep refurbishment projects


    At the occasion of their next meeting to be held in Tampere on 25 and 26 April, partners from the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative will discover the outstanding results of the deep renovation projects carried out in the Finnish pilot city. In the eight demonstration buildings involved in the project, energy consumption has already decreased […]

  • Tenant engagement: two solutions to avoid rebound effects in energy efficient refurbishment projects


    How to ensure the effectiveness of energy efficient renovation projects in the long run? In the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative, the six pilot cities have bet on tenant engagement to maximise energy savings in their freshly renovated buildings. Currently, one of the main risks limiting the impact of energy efficiency renovation measures […]

  • Conference in Milano: The role of the bicycle in the cities of tomorrow


    At Politecnico di Milano, a conference with focus on the role of the bicycle in the cities of tomorrow, took place on the 25th of January. The EU-GUGLE project was cited in particular regarding the foreseen integration of cycle paths in the pilot district.  Besides the seminars, audience could try out folding bikes and take part of a poster […]

  • Tamperelainen taloyhtiö sai kunniamaininnan Vuoden lähienergiaratkaisu -kilpailussa


    Tampereen kaupungin ja VTT:n EU-GUGLE -projektin demonstraatiokohde As Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20 sai Lähienergialiiton järjestämässä Vuoden lähienergiaratkaisu kilpailussa kunniamaininnan kaksisuuntaisesta kaukolämpöratkaisusta. Projektissa 8 kerrostaloa Tammelan kaupunginosassa sai EU:lta tukea yhteensä 1,4 milj. € rohkeisiin ja innovatiivisiin energiaremontteihin, joiden tuloksia seurataan mielenkiinnolla Euroopan laajuisesti. Pohjolankatu 18-20 on EU-GUGLE projektin alusta lähtien 2013 ollut rohkeasti edelläkävijänä kokeilemassa erilaisia […]

  • Tenants in focus in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg


    As the EU-GUGLE projects’ Technical Committee held a meeting in Gothenburg in the end of October, the committee visited the housing area Hammarkullen to learn more about the local work. Wenche Lerme, Development manager for Urban Planning in the Angered district, City of Gothenburg and Rafael Lavicki, from Bostadsbolaget, one of Sweden’s biggest public benefit […]

  • EU-GUGLE featured in La Repubblica


    EU-GUGLE was featured in the Milanese edition of la Repubblica, one the main national daily newspapers in Italy with more than 300.000 copies sold each day. In the article published on 21 October 2017, the author goes back to the city’s strategy towards greater sustainability and describes how EU funding is helping Milan achieve its […]

  • Heat pumps: a versatile solution for low-carbon cities


    Europe badly needs to make its buildings more energy efficient: but what if an easy solution would already exist? For over a century, heat pumps hidden in basements, on roofs and in machine rooms, have been saving million tonnes of greenhouse gases emissions each year. Multiple uses of heat pumps Their operating principle is simple: […]

  • Aachen flushes heat out of the sewage canal

    Aachen_Copyright STAWAG

    In Aachen, heat from sewage water is now being used to keep over 300 households warm during the winter. In the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart Cities Initiative, an innovative district heating system based on sewage water heat recovery has been installed in the Northern district of the city. The system supplies the area and […]

  • EU-GUGLE project presented at the Smart Cities Information Systems’ conference in Budapest


    On 3 October, EU-GUGLE project coordinator CENER, Spain’s Renewable Energy Centre, presented the Smart City solutions that are currently being implemented in the six pilot cities of the project at the “Empowering Smart Solutions for Better Cities” conference, organised by the Smart Cities Information System in Budapest.   The conference aimed to present the most […]

  • Tampere Smart City solutions for deep retrofitting attract great interest among EU Smart Cities Action Cluster

    Smart Cities Action Cluster Visit

    On 21 September 2017, two of the eight buildings refurbished in the framework of the EU-GUGLE project in Tampere have been presented to members of the European Action Cluster on Sustainable Districts and Built Environment at the occasion of a study visit focusing on deep retrofitting and eco-efficient districts. The visit attracted fifteen participants, including […]

  • EU-GUGLE renovated building awarded with the 3rd place in the Finnish refurbished façades competition 2017

    The deputy landlord of the limited liability housing company Kaupinpirtti Liisa Leinonen and the project manager Arttu Lehtonen from A-Insinöörit Ltd., the company responsible for the façade renovation, receiving the prize and declarations.

    The Kaupinpirtti building refurbished in the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative in Tampere took part in the national refurbished façades’ competition 2017. Winners have been announced on 26 September and Kaupinpirtti has been selected for the third place. The prize was awarded to Kaupinpirtti for a well-managed and goal-oriented refurbishment project. The renovation […]

  • Milan’s Mayor and Councilor for public works visited the first EU-GUGLE retrofitted building

    via Feltrinelli 16

    Last 20 June, Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala and the Councilor for public works Gabriele Rabaiotti visited the EU-GUGLE building in Via Feltrinelli 16 (a social housing building block comprising 154 apartments, property of the City of Milan). The whole energy concept of the refurbishment of the building was developed within the EU-GUGLE project by the “Office for energy saving” of the Municipality […]

  • SESTAO: New outfit for Txabarri Street


    Interview with Luis Carlos Delgado, Managing Director of SestaoBerri and leader of Sestao’s EU-GUGLE pilot district. In Sestao, five buildings have been selected to participate in the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative for energy-efficient building refurbishment. In April, renovation was completed in the first of these buildings. Luis Carlos Delgado, Managing Director of SestaoBerri explains the […]

  • EU-GUGLE state-of-the art technologies featured at Vienna Smart City Forum

    Vienna Smart City Forum

    On 2 and 3 May 2017, Austrian partners from Vienna had the opportunity to present the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative at the Vienna Smart Cities Days and Smart City Forum. The conference brings together every year city representatives, researchers and industry stakeholders to discuss the latest innovations related to smart and sustainable development. At this occasion, […]

  • Cooperating for renovation – how to improve energy efficiency in Tampere limited liability housing companies


    Citizen engagement and transparent decision making processes are at the core of the Smart City concept. In Tampere, tenant involvement has been a key factor for the successful renovation of over 32,000 square metres of living space, achieved in the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative. As part of this initiative, eight pilot buildings […]

  • Spanish smart cities meet in Bilbao to share experiences on sustainable urban development. Join now!


    What does it mean to become a “smart city”? And, more importantly, how to go about it? On the 19thof May, the smart cities of Bilbao, Vitoria, Valladolid, Mogel and San Sebastian will meet in Bilbao to share their experiences with national and European stakeholders, and discuss how to make our cities more energy efficient […]

  • Challenges and solutions for social housing refurbishment in Aachen


    Since 2010, the northern district of Aachen is engaged in a vast urban renewal programme aiming to improve the citizens’ quality of life and make the district a vibrant and sustainable place to live. Within this programme, called “Social City Aachen North”, and as part of the EU-GUGLE international Smart City Initiative, about 400 apartments […]

  • EU-GUGLE preliminary project results showcased at SSPCR 2017


      Between 22 and 24 March 2017, EU-GUGLE partners presented the first results of the project and the measures implemented in the six pilot cities at the occasion of the second international conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions (SSPCR 2017). The conference was hosted by EURAC in Bolzano and brought together […]

  • EU-GUGLE pilottitaloyhtiöitä mukana hyvän asumisen kirjastokiertueella

    2017.03.13_EU-GUGLE pilots involved in Tampere TARMO+ good living tour in 2017

    Tampereen seudun taloyhtiöiden onnistumiset ovat esillä Tampereen seudun kirjastoissa vuonna 2017. Näyttelyssä on mukana myös EU-GUGLE pilottitaloyhtiöitä. Näyttelyssä esitellään taloyhtiöiden onnistuneita energiaremontteja sekä muun muassa energiaeksperttien menestyksellistä toimintaa taloyhtiöissään. Tarjolla on oivalluksia jokaisen asumiseen. Näyttelykiertueella on myös mahdollista testata omia asumistottumuksia ja löytää remonttiyhteistyötä omalla asuinalueella. Energianeuvontapalvelu RANEn asiantuntijat vierailevat osassa kirjastoja. Näyttelyn takana on […]

  • New video released in Tampere to testify to the benefits of energy efficient refurbishment


    As the renovation work has now been completed in Tampere, the city has produced a video to show the work undertaken in one of the buildings refurbished in the framework of the EU-GUGLE project. The ‘Start-to-finish’ video of the retrofitting work carried out in the As Oy Kaupinpirtti building presents the objectives of the project […]

  • EU-GUGLE cities contributing to smart and sustainable urban planning


      In November 2015, leaders of the EU-GUGLE pilot cities presented plans to make their cities more sustainable and energy efficient during the 1st International Conference on “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” in Bolzano, Italy, organised by the EURAC Institute for Renewable Energy. One year later, these presentations, and the discussions that […]

  • Registrations open: Smart eco-buildings and social housing – from design to reality, 27 April, Vienna


    On 27 April 2017, just one day before the Passive House Conference 2017, experts from at least three Smart City projects will hold a joint workshop in Vienna to share results and experiences on smart and sustainable refurbishment solutions for apartment buildings, with a particular focus on social housing. Programme and Registration The event will […]

  • Sestao pilot building nominated as ‘Practical case of Environmental excellence’

    Txbarri building

    A block of buildings that is currently being renovated in Sestao in the framework of the EU-GUGLE project has been awarded with the prize of ‘Practical case of Environmental excellence’ by the Government of the Basque country. The prize rewards innovative environmental projects with a high potential for replication in the Basque country. The EU-GUGLE […]

  • EU-GUGLE projektin tulokset esillä Helsingissä 10.1-28.1.2017

    tampere exhibition Jan 2017

    VTT esittelee Helsingin kaupungin näyttelytila Laiturilla keinoja parantaa rakennusten energiatehokkuutta. Esillä on EU GUGLE hankkeet, esimerkkejä lisärakentamisesta ja opiskelijoiden ideakilpailun tuloksia. Näyttely on suunnattu erityisesti taloyhtiöille ja isännöitsijöille. Näyttelyn yhteydessä 23.1.2017 järjestettiin nollaenergiakorjaamisen seminaari.

  • Testing integrated financing models for social housing in Vienna

    Penzig district - May 2013 - 14

    Building refurbishment represents a major challenge in the transition towards low-carbon European cities. However, renovation works are not cheap, whether for private residential, social housing or public buildings, and innovative business models are needed to share this cost among the different stakeholders. Currently, grants and soft loans are the most frequently used instruments for residential […]

  • EU-GUGLE renovations completed in Tampere


    The new year started with good news in Tampere: the renovation work has now been completed in all eight pilot buildings of the EU-GUGLE project. In the final two buildings refurbished, the inhabitants are now ready to spend a warm and comfortable winter while enjoying substantial energy savings in their newly renovated homes. The progress […]

  • Milan: deep renovation for significant energy savings


    In the social housing building located at Via Fertinelli 16 in Milan, the inhabitants are enjoying a warm and comfortable winter thanks to the refurbishment work carried out within the EU-GUGLE project. In this five storey building owned by the Municipality of Milan, the tenants were living in a low quality environment because of the […]

  • SAVE THE DATE – “Smart eco-buildings and social housing – A reality check!”– 27 April 2017 – Vienna


    On 27 April 2017, experts from three Smart City projects will hold a joint workshop in Vienna to share results and experiences on smart and sustainable refurbishment solutions for apartment buildings, with a particular focus on social housing. The event will be the opportunity for decision-makers, researchers, professional stakeholders and experts from other Smart City […]

  • Vienna: fruitful site-visit with City-Zen partners


    On 4 October, partners from the City-Zen project and the European association Energy Cities visited the EU-GUGLE representatives in the city of Vienna to share knowledge and experiences on energy-efficient building refurbishment. In the framework of the City-Zen project, member project of the ‘My Smart City District Community’, innovative solutions towards energy efficient refurbishment, district […]

  • Successful refurbishment of a residential building in Bratislava

    Solar panels on the roof of the Bratislava buildings is one of the components of the innovative heating system.

    In Bratislava, EU-GUGLE project partners have successfully achieved the renovation of a residential building located on Pavla Horova 17-19. The refurbished building was built in 1988 and is home to 42 households. Because of poor insulation, the energy consumption of the building was very high and the inhabitants had to bear substantial energy costs. To […]

  • Milan demonstrates the benefits of energy-efficient refurbishment at Renovate Italy Day


    On 14 November 2016, the city of Milan hosted the annual Renovate Italy Day. The objective of the event was to raise awareness among policy makers and citizens about the benefits of energy-efficient building refurbishment. The conference gathered over 110 participants including European, national and local policy-makers, representatives from environmental organisations as well as academic […]

  • Energy-efficient retrofitting for social housing: study visit in Aachen


    On Monday 12 December, the city of Aachen will welcome partners from other European cities for a study visit to the buildings refurbished within the EU-GUGLE project. The visit will focus on issues related to social housing refurbishment and will give participants the opportunity to discover the innovative energy efficiency measures implemented in Aachen. In […]

  • EU-GUGLE to participate in the ‘Forum of cities and regions – ecoinnovation in smart cities’


    Bratislava’s EU-GUGLE pilot leader Roman Grunner will present the EU-GUGLE project at the “Forum of cities and regions – Ecoinnovation in smart cities”, taking place in Torun, Poland on the 8th of November 2016. The forum is organised by the Europa Kujaw i Pomorza Association in the context of the 2016 European Week of Regions […]

  • EU-GUGLE project partners to visit Bratislava’s refurbished buildings


    On Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September, EU-GUGLE project partners will meet in Bratislava to visit the first buildings that have been refurbished in the city and discuss the status of the refurbishment work in the other pilot districts. During the two-day meeting hosted by the city of Bratislava, partners will have the opportunity to […]

  • Renovations almost complete in Tampere


    In Tampere, the EU-GUGLE project is moving forward rapidly. Since the end of 2015, the renovation work has already been completed in six buildings amongst the eight to be refurbished in the framework of the project. After the implementation of several measures to improve the energy efficiency of the dwellings and increase the share of […]

  • Renovate Europe Day outlines vision for a Nearly Zero Energy Building stock in EU


    The Renovate Europe Campaign has used its annual conference, in Brussels on the 13th of October,  to highlight the many benefits of implementing an ambitious building renovation programme in Europe, showcasing some of the latest tools and initiatives which could help drive the renovation market. The campaign argues that building renovation is a win-win for […]

  • Juhlahumua ja vierailijoita Tampereen pilottikohteissa

    ”Electrical noticeboard caused astonishment in the stairway of the Pohjolankatu pilot.” Picture: Tiina Sahakari

    Tampereen EU-GUGLE -projektissa vietettiin vierailuntäyteistä viikkoa kesäisessä säässä. Keskiviikkona 11.5. ensimmäisenä remonttinsa valmiiksi saanut As Oy Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20 juhlisti taloyhtiönsä onnistunutta remonttia ja saavutettuja tuloksia paljastamalla yhtä aikaa sekä taloyhtiön uuden nimikyltin että EU-plakaatin. Remontti ei ole pelkästään pienentänyt energialaskua, vaan lisäksi silminnähden lisännyt yhteisöllisyyttä taloyhtiössä. Torstaina 12.5. pilottikohteiden väki yhdessä hankkeen asiantuntijaryhmän kanssa […]

  • Tampere: Viides pilottikohde valmis

    The heat recovery ventilation system.

    Tampereen viides pilottikohde sai urakkansa valmiiksi juuri ennen vuodenvaihdetta 30.11.2015. As Oy Itsenäisyydenkatu 15 toteutti seuraavat korjaukset: 20 cm lisäeritys julkisivuihin ja uudet ikkunat (U=1) joihin saatiin ARA tuki LED, läsnäolo / hämäräkytkin yhteisiin tiloihin Lämpöpumppu (poistoilmasta veteen) Etämonitorointi sekä kuparikatto  

  • Conference: EU-GUGLE renovation models – Affordable comfort for smarter cities

    Aachen_Dom_Peter Hinschlaeger

    Key partner of the EU-GUGLE smart city project, the City of Aachen will host a Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models on the 22th of April 2016, preceded by an optional site visit of renovated buildings on the 21st April. The event will be an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the 6 pilot cities […]

  • Tampere: Neljäs pilottikohde valmis

    Tampere Tammela map red

    Tampereen neljäs pilottikohde sai remonttinsa valmiiksi 31.8.2015. As Oy Tammelanpuistokatu 31-33 toteutti seuraavan kokonaisuuden: Ilma-vesi lämpöpumppujärjestelmä Poistoilman lämmön talteenotto -järjestelmä Liiketilan jäähdytys lämpöpumpulla Uusi autotallin ovi Etäohjausjärjestelmä Yhtiön remonttikokonaisuus painottui vahvasti talotekniikkaan ja järjestelmäkokonaisuuteen, joka ei ole kovin yleisesti käytössä suomalaisissa asunto-osakeyhtiöissä. Onkin mielenkiintoista seurata millaisiin tuloksiin yhtiö pääsee.

  • “Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?” expert workshop


    The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) together with the two EU funded projects EU-GUGLE and MEEFS will hold an expert workshop on: “Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?” on 2 November 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The one-day meeting will bring together professional stakeholders from the construction and energy sectors to […]

  • The EU-GUGLE website finalist in the .eu WEB AWARDS 2015


    On the 1st of October, the competing finalists in five categories to the .eu WEB AWARDS 2015, were announced by EURid, including the happy news that EU-GUGLE website is one of three nominated finalist in the category The BETTER WORLD (Environmental/green projects). The competion and awards are managed by EURid, the registry that manages the […]

  • EU-GUGLE pilotit esimerkkeinä muille taloyhtiöille Tampereella


    Tampereen asuinalueilla pidettiin syyskuussa kiitelty sarja Hyvän asumisen iltoja. Illoissa pureuduttiin taloyhtiöiden suunnitelmalliseen kiinteistönpitoon ja energiatehokkaaseen korjaamiseen laajalla kattauksella ja rennolla otteella. EU-GUGLE projekti oli hyvin edustettuna tilaisuuksissa ja toteutetut pilotit olivat muille taloyhtiöille esiteltäviä esimerkkejä. Jokaisessa neljässä tilaisuudessa asiantuntijavieraina oli myös EU-GUGLE pilottitaloyhtiöiden hallitusten puheenjohtajia kertomassa taloyhtiön projekteista ja kokemuksista. EU-GUGLE hankkeen tulosten jakaminen […]

  • Ensimmäiseksi valmistuneella Tamperelaisella pilottitaloyhtiöllä 17 000 euron vuosisäästö!


    Asunto-osakeyhtiö Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20 viimeisteli remonttinsa heinäkuussa 2014. Vuosi remontin jälkeen saavutetut säästöt ovat huikeita. Eurojen lisäksi lämmityksen ostoenergia on pudonnut 61 % ja sähkönkulutus 47 %. Ongelmia ei ole ollut ja taloyhtiön väki on ollut tyytyväinen remonttiin. Lähes 200 vierailijaa on jo käynyt ihmettelemässä tuloksia ja juttelemassa remonttiprojektista. Hyvien kokemusten eteenpäin vieminen jatkuu Tampereella […]

  • Gothenburg: Smart Cities projects exhange experiences

    gothenburg smart cities june 15

    In mid-June the Smart Cities Network in Gothenburg met for the fourth time since 2013. This time the focus of the meeting was how large scale European projects can strengthen the citys own strategies and goals on a local level and how working in projects can add long term value to the city. The idea […]

  • EU-GUGLE Tampereen ympäristötorilla

    tampere marknad

    Tampereen Tammelassa 1.6. järjestetty Ympäristötori tarjoili myrskysäästä huolimatta tapahtuman noin 600 kävijälle aimo annoksen tietoa ja vertaistukea energiatehokkaasta korjaamisesta ja rakentamisesta. Samassa teltassa olivat esillä Rakentamisen ja asumisen energianeuvonta RANE, asuinalueiden vähähiilisyyttä edistävä TARMO+ -hanke, sekä EU-GUGLE –projekti. Kävijöitä kiinnostivat esillä olleet valmistuneet EU-GUGLE –pilottikohteet. Keskustelua käytiin yleisemmällä tasolla siitä, mikä tekee hyvän taloyhtiön. Tärkeimmiksi […]

  • Something that our neighbours can envy

    Tampere Tammela map red

    The first 230 residents in Tampere’s Tammela district enjoy the results of energy-efficient renovation of three pilot buildings Tampere is working at full steam for the energy-efficient renovation of eight residential buildings, which are home to 560 inhabitants. The city is aiming to finalise the renovation of a total 30,000 m2 building stock in Tampere’s […]

  • Smart city replication cluster kicks off in Bolzano


    Bolzano (Italy), 27 May 2015 – The Smart Cities Replication Cluster of the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE projects had a successful kick-off in Bolzano, with cities keen to exchange experiences on energy-efficient refurbishment projects. For the first time, representatives from the cities of Dobrich (Bulgaria), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dundee (UK), Lahti (Finland), La Spezia (Italy), Nicosia (Cyprus), […]

  • EU-GUGLE Info Day at Milan EXPO 2015


    EU-GUGLE partners from Milan (City of Milan, Polimi) will hold an Info Day on the sustainable retrofitting of school buildings on the 12th May 2015. The event is organised by Politecnico di Milano in partnership with the EU-GUGLE and RENEW SCHOOL projects, Rockwool and Askeen, and will be held in English. For information and registration, […]

  • Tampere: Kiireinen EU-GUGLE –kevät, tilaisuuksia ja markkinatunnelmaa

    tampere 5th of MArch 2

    EU-GUGLE -projektissa on kiireinen kevät 2015. Valmistuneet remontit toimivat esimerkkeinä projektissa itsessään ja muille tahoille. Myös lopuissa kohteissa remonttiprojektit ovat aktiivisessa vaiheessa. Kevään aikana EU-GUGLE on mukana monissa eri tilaisuuksissa ja ovatpa saavutukset esillä myös eri medioissa. 5.3. Pilottitaloyhtiöiden hallitukset ja isännöitsijät kokoontuivat kuulemaan vierailevien asiantuntijoiden ajankohtaisia tietoiskuja energiatehokkaista korjausprojekteista. Aiheet olivat aina pilottikohteiden julkisivujen […]

  • Workshop Energy Efficient Building Materials, 10th March 2015, Turin


      The ECO-SEE and HIPIN projects will host a joint workshop on Energy Efficient Building Materials on the 10th of March 2015, from 9:30 to 15:00 in Turin, Italy. This joint workshop collectively presents two major EU Public Private Partnership funded projects, HIPIN and ECO-SEE, which are developing solutions to support delivery of future energy […]

  • Tampere: Kolmas pilottikohde valmis

    glaced balconies Tampere

    Tampereen kolmannen pilottikohteen energiaremontit ovat valmiit. As Oy Torinnaapuri sai urakkansa valmiiksi juuri ennen joulua, 19.12.2014. As Oy Torinnaapuri toteutti seuraavat korjaukset: Julkisivujen lisäeristys (nk. lämpörappaus, 10 cm lisää mineraalivillaa) Ikkunoiden ja parvekeovien uusiminen (U = 0,8) Parvekkeiden lasitukset uusittiin julkisivuremontin yhteydessä Poistoilmalämpöpumpun asennus Vesikalusteiden uusiminen Ulko-ovien uusiminen Käytävävalaistuksen uusiminen ja liiketunnistimien asentaminen Tulosten jakaminen […]

  • Tampere: Toinen pilottikohde valmis

    Tammelankulma 3

    Tampereen toisen pilottikohteen energiaremontit ovat valmiit. As Oy Tammelankulma sai urakkansa valmiiksi syksyllä 2014 ja taloudellinen loppuselvitys pidettiin marraskuun 17. päivä, 2014. As Oy Tammelankulma toteutti seuraavat korjaukset: Ilmanvaihtojärjestelmän huolto ja tasapainotus Lämmöntalteenottojärjestelmän asennus ja liittäminen kaukolämpöön Poistoilmalämpöpumpun asennus ja ilmanvaihtokoneiden uusiminen Asuntokohtaisten vesimittareiden asennus Lattialämmityksen asentaminen märkätiloihin Liiketunnistimien ja LED-valaistuksen asennus julkisiin tiloihin Kiukaiden […]

  • Tampere: ”Hyvän rakentamisen palkinto 2014”


    Tampereen kaupunki järjesti asukasillan EU-GUGLE–projektin pilottitaloyhtiöille 18.11.2014 Tammelassa. Asukastilaisuuden esitysten tavoitteena oli antaa taloyhtiöille eväät päätöksentekoon ylimääräisissä yhtiökokouksissa. Energiaremontit pitää saada valmiiksi 2016 vuoden loppuun mennessä, joten taloyhtiöitä kannustetaan aloittamaan toteutussuunnitteluprosessi 2015 alussa. Tilaisuudessa oli neljä puhujaa sekä yleisö pilottitaloyhtiöistä. Ensimmäinen puhuja oli A-insinöörit Oy:n Saija Varjonen, joka esitteli pilottikohteiden hankesuunnitelmat. Esitys käsitteli yksityiskohtaisesti jokaisen […]

  • Tampere: Asukasilta Tammelassa 18.11.2014


    Asunto Oy Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18–20 sai kunniamaininnan kiinteistön energiatekniikan parantamisesta. Kiinteistössä on normaalien kunnostustoimien lisäksi tehty lämmön talteenoton lisäys ja rakennettu aurinkopaneelijärjestelmä. Järjestelmät on liitetty maalämpöpumpun välityksellä kaukolämmön lämmönvaihdinkeskukseen. Toimintaa ohjataan nykyaikaisella taloautomaatiojärjestelmällä ja seurataan muun muassa Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT:n toimesta. Energiakorjaus on osa Tammelan kaupunginosan EU-GUGLE projektia. Kyseiseen kiinteistöön tehdyt korjaukset on malliesimerkki siitä, […]

  • EU-GUGLE at Smart City Expo in Barcelona


    The EU-GUGLE associated city Gothenburg will participate at  the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, 18-20th of November. The Smart City Expo is a meeting point for experts and leaders from cities, companies, research centres, universities and international organisations. The program for the Expo of 2014 is Urban development examined along six main tracks: smart society, […]

  • Gothenburg: How can social sustainability be achieved in practice?


    Social inclusion, place identity and participation – these are three themes on which a plan for social sustainability can be developed. In Gothenburg – one of the EU-GUGLE projects associated cities, human geographer Maria Strandberg along with development leader in Urban Development Wenche Lerme, have had a closer look at what is required in the […]

  • Tampere: Kohdevierailukierrokset ja tiedon jakaminen taloyhtiöiden kesken

    EU-GUGLE-projektissa on tärkeää tulosten tehokas jakaminen. Tampereen pilottitaloyhtiöiden hallituksille ja isännöitsijöille järjestetään opastetut kierrokset korjausurakkansa valmiiksi saaneisiin kohteisiin. Tamperen kaupunki järjestää tutustumiskierrokset yhteistyössä taloyhtiöiden ja urakoitsijoiden kanssa. Ensimmäinen kohdevierailu järjestettiin 1.7.2014, jolloin n. 20 henkeä kokoontui tutustumaan As Oy Pohjolankatu 18–20. Taloyhtiön puheenjohtaja otti ryhmän vastaan. EUGUGLEssa aktiivisesti mukana olevat vaihtoivat kuulumisia, jonka jälkeen ryhmä […]

  • Tampere: Kohdevierailukierrokset ja tiedon jakaminen taloyhtiöiden kesken

    EU-GUGLE-projektissa on tärkeää tulosten tehokas jakaminen. Tampereen pilottitaloyhtiöiden hallituksille ja isännöitsijöille järjestetään opastetut kierrokset korjausurakkansa valmiiksi saaneisiin kohteisiin. Tamperen kaupunki järjestää tutustumiskierrokset yhteistyössä taloyhtiöiden ja urakoitsijoiden kanssa. Ensimmäinen kohdevierailu järjestettiin 1.7.2014, jolloin n. 20 henkeä kokoontui tutustumaan As Oy Pohjolankatu 18–20. Taloyhtiön puheenjohtaja otti ryhmän vastaan. EUGUGLEssa aktiivisesti mukana olevat vaihtoivat kuulumisia, jonka jälkeen ryhmä […]

  • Tampere: Ensimmäinen pilottikohde valmis

    Solar collectors installed on the roof of housing company Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20.

    Tampereen ensimmäisen pilottikohteen asennustyöt ovat valmiit. As Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20 aloitti energiaremonttinsa 21.4.2014, ja urakan luovutus ja vastaanotto oli 6.6.2014. Taloyhtiö toteutti mm. seuraavat remontit:   1. Aurinkokeräimet 2. Autosähkötolppien koteloiden uusiminen 3. Autotallien lisäeristys 4. Autotallien ovien uusiminen 5. Kaukolämmön lämmönsiirtimien uusiminen 6. LED/liiketunnistin autokatokseen 7. Liiketilan ikkunoiden uusiminen 8. Liiketunnistimet ja LED-valaistus porraskäytäviin […]

  • Webinar on Key Lessons from Global Best Practices


    The Global Building Policies Network, GBPN, is hosting a series of four webinars on “how to” implement a successful policy package that targets energy renovations for residential buildings based on the findings from the recently launched Policy Tool for Renovation. This tool allows a comparison and analysis of twelve best practice renovation policy packages for […]

  • First progress meeting in Milano


    The EU-GUGLE consortium held its first progress meeting last month in Milano. EU-GUGLE aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models by renovating groups of buildings in 6 pilot cities: Vienna (AT), Aachen (DE), Milan (IT), Sestao (ES), Tampere (FI) and Bratislava (SK). Together, they have committed to renovating a total of […]

  • Bratislava and Vienna in Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal


    The demo-district Petrzalka in Bratislava and the possible renovation strategies there are featured in an article in the Austrian architecture-magazine “Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal” (03/2014).  The article also concerns the EU-GUGLE-project, especially the situation between Vienna and Bratislava. Download the article (pfd, in German) “Mitten in Europa” Umwelt312_end The article is also available online.  

  • Tampere pilot takes next step with design brief phase


    EU-GUGLE-pilot city Tampere has taken the next step to refine and conform the project housing companies’ energy renovations planning and design. The city has chosen to work with the company A-insinöörit Suunnittelu Ltd in the design brief phase, a phase which will define the energy renovation needs and implementation options in the city. A design […]

  • Fifteen Cities, One Agenda: Smart Cities projects come together to promote energy efficient district renovation


    Press Release March 2014: Three projects involving 15 municipalities have decided to join forces for greater leverage in sharing and promoting energy efficient renovation solutions for cities and communities EU-wide. The projects EU-GUGLE, R2CITIES and ZenN, have now set out a roadmap for clustering a number of their activities to come. These include joint dissemination […]

  • Gothenburg host collaborative meeting of three FP7 Smart Cities and Communities Projects


    Knowledge transfer and collaboration between Smart Cities projects in Gothenburg was on the agenda when the City of Gothenburg and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden hosted a successful meeting on the 20th of March. Katrina Folland of City of Gothenburg, and Jason Nielsen of SP, gave introductions to the seminar. They spoke about the […]

  • Tampere: Ensimmäinen lämmöntalteenottoyksikön toimitetaan Tampereen testi piirin


    Lämmön talteenotto yleistyy kovaa vauhtia kerrostaloissa, missä on koneellinen ilmanpoisto. Tällaista rakennuskantaa edustavat 1960 – 2000 rakennetut kerrostalot. Vuodesta 2002 rakennus-määräykset ovat edellyttäneet lämmön talteenottoa. Poistoilman lämmön talteenotolla saadaan kaukolämpötaloissa keskimäärin 30 – 40 %:n säästöt lämmityskustannuksissa ja öljylämmitystaloissa päästään yli 50 %:n säästöihin. As Oy Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18 – 20 on tyypillinen esimerkki tästä […]

  • Tampere: “Tavoitteena on vähentää lämmitysenergian kulutusta”

    Tampere Tammela map red

    EU:lta merkittävä sijoitus fiksujen kaupunkien kestävään korjausrakentamiseen. 30 miljoonan euron EUGUGLE-projekti viitoittaa tietä noin 226 000 asuinneliömetrin kestävälle korjaukselle kuudessa Euroopan kaupungissa, joista yksi on Tampere. Tampereen tieteellisenä kumppanina toimii VTT. Tähtäimessä ovat energiansäästöt ja kaupunkilaisten elämänlaadun parantaminen älykkäiden ja kustannustehokkaiden korjausrakentamiskonseptien ansiosta. Tampereelta projektissa on mukana Tammelan kaupunginosa. ”Tammelan kaupunginosan rakennuskannan painopiste on 1970- […]

  • Vienna: “A win-win project”

    Press conference Vienna

    In the EU-GUGLE Pilot City Vienna, funding from the project will enable that for the first time a municipality building will be renovated into passive house standard. The building on Hütteldorferstraße 252 in Viennas 14th district, can achieve a considerable reduction of the heating demand, up to around 90 percent reduction. This was one of the news […]

  • EU-GUGLE in the EeB PPP Project Review


    The EU-GUGLE project is featured in the latest issue of the EeB PPP Project Review. The Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) which span out of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP). The initiative aims to promote research on new methods and technologies […]

  • Website Online


    The EU-GUGLE website is now online. The site will function as a European-wide basis for the project and support a wide exchange of experiences and scientific findings. The portal will provide information on framework contitions in the participatring countries and opportunities to discuss the various approaches. Welcome to take part of the results and to […]

  • EU-GUGLE Leaflet in several languages

    leaflet front

    The EU-GUGLE leaflet is now available in several languages: English, German, Finnish, Italian, Slovakian and Spanish. Here you can download the leaflet and other documents.

  • Aachen: Hot springs will heat homes


    The Pilot City Aachen hosted a press conference for media on the 9th of September about the EU-GUGLE-project and what it will actually mean for the city. The press meeting gave good responce in press, TV and radio, spreading the word about the work that will be done within the Smart City-project framework. Amongst others, the […]

  • Vienna: EU-GUGLE in Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal

    Architekturjournal wettberbe

    The EU-GUGLE project is featured in a recent article in the Austrian architecture-magazine “Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal”, (04/2012). The article shows some informations in advance about the EUGUGLE-project and presents the demo-district Penzing in Vienna.  Here you can download the article, Umwelt Und Planung (pdf) in German, and the complete magazine can be found here (article on page 8).