EU-GUGLE state-of-the art technologies featured at Vienna Smart City Forum

On 2 and 3 May 2017, Austrian partners from Vienna had the opportunity to present the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative at the Vienna Smart Cities Days and Smart City Forum. The conference brings together every year city representatives, researchers and industry stakeholders to discuss the latest innovations related to smart and sustainable development. At this occasion, EU-GUGLE partners have been invited to present a poster highlighting the state of the art technologies for integrated building refurbishment developed in the six pilot cities participating in the initiative.

The solutions featured during this poster session included the prefabricated multi-active façades developed in Vienna, the new district heating system using sewage water installed in Aachen and the cascade of air-to-water heat pumps supported by photovoltaic panels that have been integrated in the building refurbished in Bratislava last year. Together, the six EU-GUGLE pilot cities aim to achieve an ambitious target of 82% primary energy saving by 2019.

The dissemination of information on the solutions developed within the EU-GUGLE project is a cornerstone for the replication of good practices in other European cities and the uptake of key enabling technologies for sustainable urban development. For more information, you can click here to visit the event website and download the EU-GUGLE poster.