EU-GUGLE project partners to visit Bratislava’s refurbished buildings

On Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September, EU-GUGLE project partners will meet in Bratislava to visit the first buildings that have been refurbished in the city and discuss the status of the refurbishment work in the other pilot districts.

During the two-day meeting hosted by the city of Bratislava, partners will have the opportunity to visit several buildings that have been renovated as part of the EU-GUGLE project. This study visit taking place on Friday, 28 October will allow project partners to learn more about the measures implemented to improve the energy efficiency of several building blocks in the district of Devinska Nova Ves and Staré Mesto (city center).

In addition to the visit, EU-GUGLE will hold a project meeting to discuss the activities already carried out in each pilot city, and hear about the replication strategies of Gaziantep, Gothenburg and Plovdiv, which are “associated cities” in the EU-GUGLE project.

If you are interested in the energy saving measures that are currently being implemented in Bratislava, you can click here to learn more about the city’s objectives within EU-GUGLE.