EU-GUGLE pilots showcased in Tampere TARMO+ good living tour

The work of several limited liability housing companies that have taken part in the EU-GUGLE renovation project in Tampere will be presented at the TARMO+ good living exhibition tour. The exhibition will be displayed in public libraries and other exhibition areas in Tampere and surrounding municipalities in 2017.
2017.03.13_EU-GUGLE pilots involved in Tampere TARMO+ good living tour in 2017

The objective of the exhibition is to showcase the results of energy efficient renovation projects carried out in several pilot buildings in the Tampere region and to allow residents to share experience on energy efficient refurbishment processes. Examples of measures implemented directly by residents trained to become energy experts in their own housing co-operative will also be presented in the exhibition.

Visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to evaluate their own living habits and to leave their feedback. In addition, participants will be invited to point out their upcoming renovation projects on a dedicated map and look for co-operation in the area. They will also be able to discuss with an energy advisor about energy and environmental issues related to building construction and renovation.


For more information, please contact Tiina Sahakari at the City of Tampere: