Aachen: Hot springs will heat homes

The Pilot City Aachen hosted a press conference for media on the 9th of September about the EU-GUGLE-project and what it will actually mean for the city. The press meeting gave good responce in press, TV and radio, spreading the word about the work that will be done within the Smart City-project framework. Amongst others, the Aachen pilot will, modernise 400 apartments, using completely new heat techniques.

Through the promotion, Aachen will have the opportunity to a completely emission-free heating system and reduce energy costs in the long term significantly.  The city will use modern innovational techniques to use the hot water springs of Aachen to heat up the homes.

With the extremely effective innovation energy consumption could be reduced by up to two-thirds in some homes.




Representatives and leaders from the City of Aachen, STAWAG and presented the project, here standing in front of one of the concerned houses.