Bratislava: 40 000 m2 floor area to be renovated

At a press conference on Tuesday the 17th of September at the premises of the Bratislava city office, the slovakian project partners informed local media and stakeholders about the EU-GUGLE project in general, but also about the possibilities for the selection of the demonstration buildings.

Bratislava Press Conference Sept 13

In Bratislava, the only city of the former Eastern Europe in the demonstration project activities, residential buildings with a total range of 40 000 m2 floor area will undertake renovation and serve as the demonstration objects. The project has to take into account not only the expected reduction in energy requirements in residential buildings, but will also address other aspects of sustainable environment, such as quality of public spaces, green areas, stormwater management and sustainable mobility solutions. The City of Bratislava will in accordance with communal interests also focus on improving the quality of the housing stock owned by the city.

On the Slovak side project partners are the City of Bratislava, the Slovak Green Building Council (SKGBC), and the Building Testing and Research Institute (TSUS).

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