Tampere: Third pilot housing company complete

Third pilot housing company’s renovations are complete. As Oy Torinnaapuri finished its extensive renovations just in time for Christmas on December 19th, 2014. The measures implemented in Torinnaapuri building have been the following:

  1. Additional insulation of facades
  2. Renewal of windows and doors
  3. Renewal of balcony glazings
  4. Installing of heat recovery system and exhaust air heat pump
  5. Renewal of bathroom furnishings, toilets and faucets
  6. Renewal of lighting and installing of motion sensors

Sharing of results is important, which is why City of Tampere will organize a study tour in collaboration with the housing company and the contractors. The City also encourages the rest of the pilot housing companies in their endeavors, which will hopefully lead to more success stories.

Additional information: City of Tampere, project manager Salla Palos