Tampere: Busy spring 2015 for EU-GUGLE, meetings and market atmosphere

EU-GUGLE is keeping it busy in Tampere this spring. Already finished renovations are showcases for the project itself and other interest groups. At the same time the pilot housing companies still in the middle of their projects are proceeding with the renovations actively. Events are held and you can also read about the experiences and success in the media.

Tampere 5th of March
An event for the pilot housing companies in Tampere the 5th of March.

An EU-GUGLE event was arranged the 5th of March for the pilot housing companies, concerning current aspects of the whole project and the renovations. Presentations from experts covered issues from life cycle and repair needs of concrete building envelopes and possibilities and procedures of group renovation in the EU-GUGLE pilot housing, to the importance and system of controlling the overall heating system and use of electricity.

The third completed pilot housing company As Oy Torinnaapuri showcased their renovation to other pilots and interest groups the 18th of March. Renovation has been successful; the local district heating company had even been in contact with the housing company due to the sudden drop of heat demand.

Before the end of March, a more precise meeting about group renovation possibilities of the pilot housing companies is going to be held as well as individual meetings with the pilots. A new pilot housing companies is also going to be introduced to the project. The 1st of June EU-GUGLE is going to take part in The City’s Green week’s environmental market event in Tammela that every year gathers up thousands of people.

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