Renovations almost complete in Tampere

In Tampere, the EU-GUGLE project is moving forward rapidly. Since the end of 2015, the renovation work has already been completed in six buildings amongst the eight to be refurbished in the framework of the project.

After the implementation of several measures to improve the energy efficiency of the dwellings and increase the share of renewable energies in district heating and grid electricity, it is now time to assess the progress achieved. To better evaluate the impact of the measures implemented in the district of Tammela, where the demonstration buildings are located, the Finnish partners of the EU-GUGLE project have collected data on energy consumption and renewable energy generation before and after the renovation. In order to assess the energy performance of the renovated buildings, the experts have compared the data before and after renovation after one year of monitoring. The results of this work are presented in factsheets detailing the different stages of the refurbishment process and its measured impact on energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

If you are interested in the refurbishment work carried out in Tampere, click to download the factsheets for each demonstration area and for the whole district of Tammela.