Rappresenti una Municipalità o uno stakeholder pubblico e hai domande su come portare avanti un progetto sulla riqualificazione sostenibile? L’helpdesk di EU-GUGLE è quello che fa per te!

You can also contact the local project leaders in their native languages.

Many aspects of renovation

Our experts are working in countries all over Europe, active within a wide field of competences. Within the EU-GUGLE-project, new and up to date research and best practice of renovation and energy-efficiency is exchanged between countries and cities. The Helpdesk is a way to make the knowledge even more available to cities and municipalities in Europe. Whether your question is detailed and mostly of local interest or more general and of interest for others – this is the place to ask it

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By joining the Replication Cluster, you will become part of a community of like-minded cities and have the opportunity to engage in knowledge sharing activites with its peers. Click below for more information!

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