Tenant engagement: two solutions to avoid rebound effects in energy efficient refurbishment projects

How to ensure the effectiveness of energy efficient renovation projects in the long run? In the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart City Initiative, the six pilot cities have bet on tenant engagement to maximise energy savings in their freshly renovated buildings. Currently, one of the main risks limiting the impact of energy efficiency renovation measures […]

Tamperelainen taloyhtiö sai kunniamaininnan Vuoden lähienergiaratkaisu -kilpailussa

Tampereen kaupungin ja VTT:n EU-GUGLE -projektin demonstraatiokohde As Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20 sai Lähienergialiiton järjestämässä Vuoden lähienergiaratkaisu kilpailussa kunniamaininnan kaksisuuntaisesta kaukolämpöratkaisusta. Projektissa 8 kerrostaloa Tammelan kaupunginosassa sai EU:lta tukea yhteensä 1,4 milj. € rohkeisiin ja innovatiivisiin energiaremontteihin, joiden tuloksia seurataan mielenkiinnolla Euroopan laajuisesti. Pohjolankatu 18-20 on EU-GUGLE projektin alusta lähtien 2013 ollut rohkeasti edelläkävijänä kokeilemassa erilaisia […]

Tenants in focus in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg

As the EU-GUGLE projects’ Technical Committee held a meeting in Gothenburg in the end of October, the committee visited the housing area Hammarkullen to learn more about the local work. Wenche Lerme, Development manager for Urban Planning in the Angered district, City of Gothenburg and Rafael Lavicki, from Bostadsbolaget, one of Sweden’s biggest public benefit […]

EU-GUGLE featured in La Repubblica

EU-GUGLE was featured in the Milanese edition of la Repubblica, one the main national daily newspapers in Italy with more than 300.000 copies sold each day. In the article published on 21 October 2017, the author goes back to the city’s strategy towards greater sustainability and describes how EU funding is helping Milan achieve its […]

Heat pumps: a versatile solution for low-carbon cities

Europe badly needs to make its buildings more energy efficient: but what if an easy solution would already exist? For over a century, heat pumps hidden in basements, on roofs and in machine rooms, have been saving million tonnes of greenhouse gases emissions each year. Multiple uses of heat pumps Their operating principle is simple: […]

Aachen flushes heat out of the sewage canal

In Aachen, heat from sewage water is now being used to keep over 300 households warm during the winter. In the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart Cities Initiative, an innovative district heating system based on sewage water heat recovery has been installed in the Northern district of the city. The system supplies the area and […]

EU-GUGLE project presented at the Smart Cities Information Systems’ conference in Budapest

On 3 October, EU-GUGLE project coordinator CENER, Spain’s Renewable Energy Centre, presented the Smart City solutions that are currently being implemented in the six pilot cities of the project at the “Empowering Smart Solutions for Better Cities” conference, organised by the Smart Cities Information System in Budapest.   The conference aimed to present the most […]