Modelos de rehabilitación sostenible para ciudades inteligentes

EU-GUGLE pretende demostrar la viabilidad de llevar a cabo rehabilitaciones de “casi cero energía” en 6 ciudades pilotos a gran escala con modelos que puedan ser replicados en toda Europa, en comunidades y ciudades inteligentes, para el año 2020.

Centro de Ayuda de EU-GUGLE

¿Representa a un municipio o un ente público y tiene preguntas sobre cómo llevar a cabo un proyecto de renovación sostenible? ¡El Centro de Ayuda de EU-GUGLE es la respuesta!


“Mi barrio en la ciudad inteligente”

La campaña “Mi barrio en la ciudad inteligente” es el principal canal a través del que se compartirán las experiencias acumuladas e las 6 ciudades pilotos con aquellas ciudades interesadas en diseñar su propia estrategia de rehabilitación. Las ciudades participantes mantendrán un constante flujo de información sobre los avances logrados en el proyecto y aprovecharán la oportunidad de participar en actividades de intercambio de conocimiento con otras ciudades.


News and Events

  • Tampere: fifth pilot housing company complete

    Tampere Tammela overview

    The fifth pilot housing company’s renovations in Tampere, Finland, are now complete, as Oy Itsenäisyydenkatu 15 finished its renovations just in time for Christmas on November 30th, 2015. The measures implemented in the building have been the following: Additional insulation of facades and renewal of windows, to which the housing company received national financing Renewal […]

  • Conference: EU-GUGLE renovation models – Affordable comfort for smarter cities

    Aachen_Dom_Peter Hinschlaeger

    Key partner of the EU-GUGLE smart city project, the City of Aachen will host a Conference on Sustainable Renovation Models on the 22th of April 2016, preceded by an optional site visit of renovated buildings on the 21st April. The event will be an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the 6 pilot cities […]

  • Tampere: the fourth pilot housing company is now complete

    Tampere Tammela map red

    The fourth pilot housing company’s renovation is complete, as Oy Tammelanpuistokatu 31-33 finished its renovations on August 31st, 2015. The measures implemented in the building have been the following: Air-to water heat-pump system Exhaust-air heat recovery system Cooling of the business premise with a heat pump system Renewal of the garage door Remote controlling system […]

  • “Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?” expert workshop


    The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) together with the two EU funded projects EU-GUGLE and MEEFS will hold an expert workshop on: “Pre-fabricated facades – niche forever or mass market soon?” on 2 November 2015 in Vienna, Austria. The one-day meeting will bring together professional stakeholders from the construction and energy sectors to […]

  • The EU-GUGLE website finalist in the .eu WEB AWARDS 2015


    On the 1st of October, the competing finalists in five categories to the .eu WEB AWARDS 2015, were announced by EURid, including the happy news that EU-GUGLE website is one of three nominated finalist in the category The BETTER WORLD (Environmental/green projects). The competion and awards are managed by EURid, the registry that manages the […]

  • EU-GUGLE pilots spreading the good word in Tampere


    A series of TARMO+ Good housing events showcased the good experience and results achieved in the EU-GUGLE pilot housing companies all over Tampere in September. The topics of quality building maintenance and energy efficient renovation was presented in an inspiring way as residents, experts from the city, federations and universities as well as companies gathered […]

  • Remarkable savings for first completed pilot in Tampere


    After one year of monitoring, the first completed pilot in Tampere has reached remarkable savings. The Limited liability housing company Tampereen Pohjolankatu 18-20 finished their renovation in July 2014. One year after the renovation they have already saved 17 000 euros in the heating costs. Compared to the year built, the bought heating energy has […]

  • Gothenburg: Smart Cities projects exhange experiences

    gothenburg smart cities june 15

    In mid-June the Smart Cities Network in Gothenburg met for the fourth time since 2013. This time the focus of the meeting was how large scale European projects can strengthen the citys own strategies and goals on a local level and how working in projects can add long term value to the city. The idea […]

  • EU-GUGLE in the Environmental market in Tampere

    tampere marknad

    Despite stormy weather, environmental market – happening 1st of June in Tampere – served it’s 600 visitors a proper share of information and discussion about energy efficient renovation. In the same booth the visitors found RANE guidance of energy efficient living and building, TARMO+ low carbon residential areas project and EU-GUGLE–project. Visitors were interested in […]

  • Something that our neighbours can envy

    Tampere Tammela map red

    The first 230 residents in Tampere’s Tammela district enjoy the results of energy-efficient renovation of three pilot buildings Tampere is working at full steam for the energy-efficient renovation of eight residential buildings, which are home to 560 inhabitants. The city is aiming to finalise the renovation of a total 30,000 m2 building stock in Tampere’s […]

  • Smart city replication cluster kicks off in Bolzano


    Bolzano (Italy), 27 May 2015 – The Smart Cities Replication Cluster of the SINFONIA and EU-GUGLE projects had a successful kick-off in Bolzano, with cities keen to exchange experiences on energy-efficient refurbishment projects. For the first time, representatives from the cities of Dobrich (Bulgaria), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dundee (UK), Lahti (Finland), La Spezia (Italy), Nicosia (Cyprus), […]

  • EU-GUGLE Info Day at Milan EXPO 2015


    EU-GUGLE partners from Milan (City of Milan, Polimi) will hold an Info Day on the sustainable retrofitting of school buildings on the 12th May 2015. The event is organised by Politecnico di Milano in partnership with the EU-GUGLE and RENEW SCHOOL projects, Rockwool and Askeen, and will be held in English. For information and registration, […]

  • Tampere: Busy spring 2015 for EU-GUGLE, meetings and market atmosphere

    tampere 5th of MArch 2

    EU-GUGLE is keeping it busy in Tampere this spring. Already finished renovations are showcases for the project itself and other interest groups. At the same time the pilot housing companies still in the middle of their projects are proceeding with the renovations actively. Events are held and you can also read about the experiences and […]

  • Workshop Energy Efficient Building Materials, 10th March 2015, Turin


      The ECO-SEE and HIPIN projects will host a joint workshop on Energy Efficient Building Materials on the 10th of March 2015, from 9:30 to 15:00 in Turin, Italy. This joint workshop collectively presents two major EU Public Private Partnership funded projects, HIPIN and ECO-SEE, which are developing solutions to support delivery of future energy […]

  • Tampere: Third pilot housing company complete

    glaced balconies Tampere

    Third pilot housing company’s renovations are complete. As Oy Torinnaapuri finished its extensive renovations just in time for Christmas on December 19th, 2014. The measures implemented in Torinnaapuri building have been the following: Additional insulation of facades Renewal of windows and doors Renewal of balcony glazings Installing of heat recovery system and exhaust air heat […]

  • Tampere: Second pilot housing company complete

    Tammelankulma 3

    Second pilot housing company’s renovations are complete. As Oy Tammelankulma finished its extensive renovations in fall 2014 and had the final financial statement on November 17th, 2014. The measures implemented in Tammelankulma building have been the following: Air-conditioning system maintenance and balancing Installation of exhaust air heat pump and new ventilating machines Installation of heat […]

  • Tampere: Information night for Tammela pilots 18.11.2014


    The City of Tampere organized an information night for the EU-GUGLE–project Tammela district pilots on November 18th 2014. The objective of the event was to give the housing companies information for decision making process in annual general meetings. The EU-GUGLE pilot projects are due by the end of year 2016, which is why the pilot […]

  • EU-GUGLE at Smart City Expo in Barcelona


    The EU-GUGLE associated city Gothenburg will participate at  the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, 18-20th of November. The Smart City Expo is a meeting point for experts and leaders from cities, companies, research centres, universities and international organisations. The program for the Expo of 2014 is Urban development examined along six main tracks: smart society, […]

  • Gothenburg: How can social sustainability be achieved in practice?


    Social inclusion, place identity and participation – these are three themes on which a plan for social sustainability can be developed. In Gothenburg – one of the EU-GUGLE projects associated cities, human geographer Maria Strandberg along with development leader in Urban Development Wenche Lerme, have had a closer look at what is required in the […]

  • Tampere: Pilot study visit tours and information sharing between housing companies

    In Tampere, a first study visit tour was organized on the First of July 2014. A group of about 20 people met to explore housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20, and was toured to view different installations and systems. In addition to the tour, the contractor of the heat recovery system gave a short presentation about the […]

  • Tampere: sustainable renovation completed in first pilot building

    Solar collectors installed on the roof of housing company Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20.

    Tampere has completed the renovation of its first pilot building in the framework of the EU-GUGLE project. Housing company Oy Pohjolankatu 18-20 started its renovation process on April 21st, 2014, and completed all the work by June 6th, 2014. The following renovations have been executed: 1. Solar collectors on the roof 2. New utility poles […]

  • Webinar on Key Lessons from Global Best Practices


    The Global Building Policies Network, GBPN, is hosting a series of four webinars on “how to” implement a successful policy package that targets energy renovations for residential buildings based on the findings from the recently launched Policy Tool for Renovation. This tool allows a comparison and analysis of twelve best practice renovation policy packages for […]

  • First progress meeting in Milano


    The EU-GUGLE consortium held its first progress meeting last month in Milano. EU-GUGLE aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models by renovating groups of buildings in 6 pilot cities: Vienna (AT), Aachen (DE), Milan (IT), Sestao (ES), Tampere (FI) and Bratislava (SK). Together, they have committed to renovating a total of […]

  • Bratislava and Vienna in Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal


    The demo-district Petrzalka in Bratislava and the possible renovation strategies there are featured in an article in the Austrian architecture-magazine “Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal” (03/2014).  The article also concerns the EU-GUGLE-project, especially the situation between Vienna and Bratislava. Download the article (pfd, in German) “Mitten in Europa” Umwelt312_end The article is also available online.  

  • Tampere pilot takes next step with design brief phase


    EU-GUGLE-pilot city Tampere has taken the next step to refine and conform the project housing companies’ energy renovations planning and design. The city has chosen to work with the company A-insinöörit Suunnittelu Ltd in the design brief phase, a phase which will define the energy renovation needs and implementation options in the city. A design […]

  • Fifteen Cities, One Agenda: Smart Cities projects come together to promote energy efficient district renovation


    Press Release March 2014: Three projects involving 15 municipalities have decided to join forces for greater leverage in sharing and promoting energy efficient renovation solutions for cities and communities EU-wide. The projects EU-GUGLE, R2CITIES and ZenN, have now set out a roadmap for clustering a number of their activities to come. These include joint dissemination […]

  • Gothenburg host collaborative meeting of three FP7 Smart Cities and Communities Projects


    Knowledge transfer and collaboration between Smart Cities projects in Gothenburg was on the agenda when the City of Gothenburg and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden hosted a successful meeting on the 20th of March. Katrina Folland of City of Gothenburg, and Jason Nielsen of SP, gave introductions to the seminar. They spoke about the […]

  • First heat recovery unit delivered to Tampere pilot district


    Heat recovery systems are becoming increasingly popular in apartment blocks equipped with mechanical air extraction. These include buildings constructed between 1960 and 2000. Since 2002, heat recovery has been required by construction regulations. Heat recovery from extraction air creates cost savings of 30-40% in heating of buildings with district heating, and up to over 50% […]

  • Tampere: “The goal is to reduce heating energy consumption”

    Tampere Tammela map red

    EUR 30 million EU-GUGLE project paves the way to about 226 000 square meters of sustainable renovations in six European cities, one of which is Tampere in Finland. Together with the scientific partner of City of Tampere, VTT, Tampere is aiming at energy savings and improving the quality of urban life, with the aid of […]

  • Vienna: EU-GUGLE in Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal

    Architekturjournal wettberbe

    The EU-GUGLE project is featured in a recent article in the Austrian architecture-magazine “Wettbewerbe-Architekturjournal”, (04/2012). The article shows some informations in advance about the EUGUGLE-project and presents the demo-district Penzing in Vienna.  Here you can download the article, Umwelt Und Planung (pdf) in German, and the complete magazine can be found here (article on page 8).

  • EU-GUGLE Leaflet in several languages

    leaflet front

    The EU-GUGLE leaflet is now available in several languages: English, German, Finnish, Italian, Slovakian and Spanish. Here you can download the leaflet and other documents.

  • Aachen: Hot springs will heat homes


    The Pilot City Aachen hosted a press conference for media on the 9th of September about the EU-GUGLE-project and what it will actually mean for the city. The press meeting gave good responce in press, TV and radio, spreading the word about the work that will be done within the Smart City-project framework. Amongst others, the […]

  • Vienna: “A win-win project”

    Press conference Vienna

    In the EU-GUGLE Pilot City Vienna, funding from the project will enable that for the first time a municipality building will be renovated into passive house standard. The building on Hütteldorferstraße 252 in Viennas 14th district, can achieve a considerable reduction of the heating demand, up to around 90 percent reduction. This was one of the news […]

  • EU-GUGLE in the EeB PPP Project Review


    The EU-GUGLE project is featured in the latest issue of the EeB PPP Project Review. The Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) which span out of the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP). The initiative aims to promote research on new methods and technologies […]

  • Website Online


    The EU-GUGLE website is now online. The site will function as a European-wide basis for the project and support a wide exchange of experiences and scientific findings. The portal will provide information on framework contitions in the participatring countries and opportunities to discuss the various approaches. Welcome to take part of the results and to […]

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