Deep retrofitting and eco-efficient districts: Tampere to showcase its achievements on 21 September

As part of the activities organised by the Action Cluster on Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, Tampere will host an exceptional knowledge sharing event on 21 September 2017. The event will begin with a short introduction on Tampere Smart City strategy and initiatives, followed by three thematic study visits focused on deep retrofitting, nature-based solutions and near-to-zero energy district.

Among other sites, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the buildings retrofitted in the framework of the EU-GUGLE Smart City initiative. These seven buildings, located in the Tammela district and representing a total of 32,000 square meters, have undergone deep refurbishment, including facades insulation and solar panels integration. The energy produced by the solar panels installed on the roofs of the buildings is used to power exhaust air and ground source heat pumps, supplying hot water and heat in every apartment. Additionally, the buildings are connected to a two-way district heating network, allowing their inhabitants to sell the excess energy produced in low consumption periods, or buy energy on the market when the energy produced by solar panels is not sufficient to cover their needs.

The visit of the EU-GUGLE pilot buildings will be followed by a field trip to the Vuores eco-efficient district, where participants will have the chance to learn more about wooden constructions and nature-based solutions for urban waste-water management. The knowledge sharing event will end with a visit of the Härmälänranta industrial district, equipped with efficient energy management systems, including smart automation and smart metering.

This field visit is taking place in the framework of the activities of the Action Cluster on Sustainable Districts and Built Environment, bringing together public authorities, as well as stakeholders from the civil society, industry and academia. The objective of the Cluster is to contribute to sustainable urban development and regeneration through the promotion of innovative solutions.

For more information on this special knowledge sharing event, click here to download the detailed programme.