First heat recovery unit delivered to Tampere pilot district

Heat recovery systems are becoming increasingly popular in apartment blocks equipped with mechanical air extraction. These include buildings constructed between 1960 and 2000. Since 2002, heat recovery has been required by construction regulations. Heat recovery from extraction air creates cost savings of 30-40% in heating of buildings with district heating, and up to over 50% savings in buildings with oil heating.

Housing company Pohjolankatu 18-20, one of the buildings in Tampere that will be renovated within the EU-GUGLE project, is a typical example of such a building. Built in 1980, the building has 54 apartments and an over 300 m2 business facility, which is also equipped with mechanical air extraction. The housing company decided to acquire a heat recovery system in autumn 2013, and following a bidding competition Enermix Oy was chosen to implement the project.

During the project, district heat exchangers will be replaced and other measures to enhance the energy-efficiency of the building will also be implemented. These measures include replacing the air-conditioning of the business facility with a need-based system and the outdoor and corridor lights with LEDs equipped with motion sensors. In addition, garage doors and shop windows of the business facility will be replaced. The project will be implemented in spring 2014, and the system will be equipped with TalotohtoriTM remote monitoring and control system and energy consumption meters. “The TalotohtoriTM system facilitates exact and real-time remote monitoring, which ensures that the equipment operates correctly and allows for monitoring of district heat, electricity, and water consumption”, says managing director Janne Heinonen from Enermix Oy.

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See the video about the Tampere pilot district demonstrations here.